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Golang Delete AWS ECR Image Tool

Compile Code

$ go get -v -u ./...
$ go build -o go-ecr-delete-image .


$ ./go-ecr-delete-image -h 
Usage of ./go-ecr-delete-image:
  -e value
    	exlude delete tag
  -keep int
    	keep number images (default 5)
    	list all repository
  -profile string
    	aws config profile
  -repo string
    	repository name

Example 1

# use env pass access_key and secret_key
$ AWS_ACCESS_KEY=key AWS_SECRET_KEY=key ./go-ecr-delete-image -e exclude1 -e exclude2 -repo repoName -keep 5

Example 2

# use aws configure
$ ./go-ecr-delete-image -profile default -e exclude1 -e exclude2 -repo repoName -keep 5