golang config struct loader
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Config Loader

Build Status


go get -u git.trj.tw/golang/config-loader


struct tag

default : default value define

length : use for slice type min default length

support type

  • string
  • int, int8, int16, int32, int64
  • uint, uint8, uint16, uint32, uint64
  • float32, float64
  • bool
  • struct
  • slice
    • []string
    • []int, []int8, []int16, []int32, []int64
    • []uint, []uint8, []uint16, []uint32, []uint64
    • []float32, []float64
    • []bool
    • []struct


package main

import (

  confloader "git.trj.tw/golang/config-loader"

type Server struct {
  Port int `json:"port" default:"10230"`
type Config struct {
  Server     Server
  Switchs    []int  `json:"switchs" default:"1" length:"2"`
  URL        string `json:"url" default:"https://google.com"`
  OutputFile bool   `json:"output_file" default:"true"`

func main() {
  conf := &Config{}
  if err := confloader.Load(conf, nil); err != nil {